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About BIP Project

Lycée Nicolas Brémontier in Bordeaux, Porto Accounting and Business School in Porto and the Rotterdam Business School in Rotterdam are preparing a Blended Intensive Programme consisting of 4 different projects. 

We formed 4 groups of 10 mixed students from the three institutions:

  1. Wine Industry – We were given a problem by a wine producer from Bordeaux and we will solve that problem by presenting solution(s) to the wine producer.

  2. Flip the City – A start-up located at the Blue City, a hub for circular start-ups, makes tiles from duck weed that can be used as biodegradable planting substrate. They create value from organic waste streams and that creates some problems in their supply chain. They want we map their supply chains, pinpoint the problems and (if possible) come up with some solutions.

  3. Iboo  –  The video streaming start-up (Bienvenue sur Iboo) would  like to explore the possibility of expanding in Europe. Therefore, we will have to work out a market entry plan to the Netherlands and Portugal.

  4. Communication and organization – We will help with the internal and external communication of the project, we will help with the organisation of the trip to Bordeaux too and the week when students from Lycée Brémontier visited Rotterdam.

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